Kate Donovan is an artist and researcher based in Berlin. Her work deals with radio as an elemental medium. She is interested in transmission and interconnectedness, but also disruption and interference. Her research focusses on the more-than-human aspect of radio, and re-thinking/working dominant radio histories.

Much of her practice is together with others and circles around knowledge exchange and experimentation. 

She has made many (often collaborative) works for and with radio stations, art organisations, and festivals, most recently: Sonic Acts Biennial (with Soundcamp), NL; Radio Art Zone (with Shortwave Collective), LU;  (In)tangible Transmissions (with DJ Schlucht), DE; Radio Papesse/Lucia Festival, IT; Movement Radio, GR; Werkleitz Festival (with Birgit Schneider), DE; Soundart Radio (with Jan Verberkmoes), UK; Museum for Communication Berlin, DE.

Her writing appears in various online and print publications, including Versorgerin (AT), Explore Dance Journal (DE),Fusion Journal (AU), Seismograf (DK) and she is currently part of the research group SENSING: the Knowledge of Sensitive Media (Potsdam), with a project on Radio as Relation.

She is also the co-founder (with Monaí de Paula Antunes) of Radio Otherwise, an artistic research project motivated by the many knots which art, knowledge-making/sharing and communication encounter. Together with a wide network of radio enthusiasts, they explore the plurality of experiences involved in radio-making in connection to ecological thinking. In 2021 ‘listening, ecologies, cybernetics’ was taught as a masters seminar for students at the University of Potsdam. Their work ‘Circling Thresholds’, together with Niko de Paula Lefort, considered infrastructures of flow in terms of water as well as electromagnetic waves and was presented at the ‘Forests of Antennas, Oceans of Waves’ event series in 2022.

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