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Kate Donovan is an artist and researcher working with radio, listening and the more-than-human. She means radio as an elemental, collective, and artistic medium.  

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Premiere: 10.12.2021

Radio piece / 16minutes / 2021
In 1954, somebody was woken from her daytime nap on the couch when a meteorite crashed through the ceiling of her home, bounced off the radio and hit her body. The re-telling of this tale is intertwined with notions of care, protection, and (day)dreams, all the while wondering: what is between us and the space rocks rushing through the universe?

Meteor Bodies is a dreamy afternoon rumination on celestial, atmospheric, human and radio bodies.

Produced with the support of Lucia Festival and You Are So Sound! Mentorship programme.

With much gratitude to: Katharina Smets for the beautiful and generous exchanges; to Ilaria Gadenz & Carola Haupt of Radio Papesse for their support and for dreaming up the wonderful programme.
For their voices/perspectives, I thank my kids, and Angie Laking - my mum.
For the final mix, thanks go to Giulio Aldinucci. 

Image Credits: Kate Donovan / University of Alabama Museums / National Museum of Natural History (with thanks to Nico Petitdan). 

Premiere: 10.12.2021, Lucia Festival, Villa Galileo, Florence.

Broadcast on ResonanceFM, London, 9.2.2022 at 20.00 and 10.2.2022 at 10.00.

Inlcuded in the Transmitter podcast by Lucia Scazzocchio from 'Social Broadcasts' February 2022.